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We have a number of learning journeys available for you to follow.  We are also working on new journeys to compliment or follow up after our existing journeys.

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  • “Free” courses have no cost,  just register, log in and enrol to follow the course.
  • “Closed” courses require payment in order to enrol and follow the course:
    • if you have a promotion code, this will link you with the course.
    • if not then please contact us and we will help you further.
  • “Price shown” requires payment to follow the course.

Note that if you have already completed topics or lessons in previous learning activity then these elements (if present) will be shown as completed in your new journey.

Upon completion of the journey we will issue a certificate to you.  If you are following a programme via one of our learning partners, they will issue the certificate to you.

I hope you enjoy the learning journey and please give us feedback to help us learn from you.


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AI BREVET (for Business & Government)

Learn how to apply AI in business and how humans and machines will work together. Includes data, ethics and building an AI model.

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AI Essentials

Step into the world of AI. Covers the BCS AI Essentials syllabus including Machine and Deep Learning, Ethics and Risks, and how man and machine will work together.

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AI Foundation

Learn all you need to know to get started with AI or make decisions involving AI. Goes further than AI Essentials to include data, project approach and organisation.


Ask Me Anything

Join a webinar to ask any questions that you have..

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Business Intelligence, Visualisation and Storytelling

Business Intelligence, Visualisation and Storytelling to drive business success

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Data Driven Foundation

Learn about the data driven business model and the fundamentally different approach towards data that this requires.

Risk Leadership and Advanced Skills

Next step for senior risk managers

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Risk Management Essentials

For business professionals who manage risks as part of their role

Risk Management Fit for the Future

To prepare Risk and Compliance professionals to be Fit for the Future

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Risk Management Foundation

Learning journey for all risk managers


Virtual Teamwork Kickstarter

Start working online using virtual teamworking technologies

AXVECO is now offering its highly valued training courses in the form of interactive, blended learning via a Learning Management System.  These courses are offered both via our learning partners and directly.  The online interaction blends with the virtual and classroom training to provide a complete learning experience.

We take our own medicine and follow a lean-startup approach (see Innovation course!).  What you see here is a minimum viable product (MVP) set up for a defined group of pioneering clients and learning partners.

We have also set up a number of journeys to display how courses can be allocated to journeys, instead of only to themes. Please feel free to view the journey and content – just click on the pages to see each journey structure.  We are following a roadmap to bring our training into this on-line system which is prioritised around our client needs – lets us know if you would like to see a course available sooner rather than later and we will take this on board with our planning.

If you would like to know more, request a specific course or if you have any questions or feedback then contact us using the form below.

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